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If you're looking for the highest quality of rooms possible, the Peabody Hotel has exactly what you need. Get greeted by our friendly staff at the door and have our bellhops take your bags to your door. Then sleep in total silence in one of our family rooms or suites. You can call on room service whenever you get a craving for something special, or you could go down to lounge at the pool. The Peabody Hotel has accommodations for everyone.

Guest Reviews

Harry Pinksmith
I love it when I get a chance to stay at Peabody Hotel in Orlando. This doesn't happen nearly as often as I wish it would, but I probably get a chance to visit about once a year. I have family in Orlando, so I try to come around as often as work will allow me to. It's just that sometimes I choose to stay with them, not a hotel. For those of you who don't have a family to stay with, I would highly recommend Peabody. I have never had a problem with the staff, the rooms, the bedding, or anything else. The only problem you may have is finding a room in the peak season. Book online early, and you should be set!

Gloria Elders
I try to go to Orlando, Florida at least once a month to do some much needed shopping and see the sights in town. Sometimes I only stay for one day, but other times I stay for a full weekend. On those long-stay weekends, I always go to Peabody Orlando. That's where I feel most at home, and I know every time that I'm going to be treated like a princess. Call me a priss if you will, but I know what I like and what I deserve to get out of a hotel room. Peabody delivers each time I stay there. The room rates aren't that bad either, so you don't have to spend a fortune to feel like you're a real priority in the hotel. Peabody is the perfect place for everyone.

Guinevere Neverland
I moved to Orlando from Miami a few years ago, and I'm really happy with the transition. I love the city life of Orlando and the different types of people I get to meet here. When I first moved, I didn't have an apartment to live in. I had to basically wander from hotel to hotel until I found a permanent place to call my own. I stayed at Peabody Hotel for the last few weeks of my hunt, and by far, that was my favorite temporary home. I love my apartment now, but I really liked being at Peabody too. I even decorated one room in my home in a style similar to Peabody's décor because I liked it so much. Thanks Peabody. You inspired me to make my house as pretty as your hotel! Bet you never hear that before!

Norman Bullox
Every time I write a hotel review online, I think about the things I would want to know if I was reading one. I don't like to just say "I liked" a place. I try to go into some specifics. So, for my Peabody Hotel review, I'll tell you that the sheets, pillows, and mattresses were all very comfortable – even the ones in my sleeper sofa. Every television at the hotel is set in high definition, which is harder to find than you may think. I really like the breakfast they have at Peabody because it has a huge selection of good-tasting food. I also like how easy it is to get in touch with the front desk if you need anything. You may like different parts of your stay here, but those were my favorites. I would be happy to stay there again.

Fiona Sheppard
My husband is one of those guys that doesn't like to ask for directions on road trips, so we always end up in places we're not supposed to be. We were on our way to the tip of Florida, but somehow we got lost in the heart of Orlando. It was late at night, so we decided to stop and stay for the night so we could be well rested for the morning. Peabody Hotel was the only place with rooms available for the night, and that was only because a large party had cancelled on them at the last minute. We got into our room, and I was shocked by how beautiful it was. My husband snored louder than I have ever heard him snore, so he must have slept well. For once in our marriage, I was actually happy he got us lost. Now we have plans of taking a trip to Orlando next year! Let's just hope we don't get confused again along the way…ha!

Diamond Sparling
I love staying in hotel rooms because I always feel like I'm a classy lady who makes a ton of money. In reality, I'm a single mom who works as a housekeeper for a wealthy set of realtors, but no one has to know that when I'm sleeping in four star luxury. My clients sent me on vacation this year as a bonus for all the good work that I've done for them. Where did they put me? The Peabody of course! I was so happy to be there, and I think I spent half the trip in my rom because it was so darn comfortable. My son loved the room too, and he's a pretty harsh critic for a three year old. It passed our inspections for sure. :)

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The Peabody Orlando Hotel has an array of luxurious rooms to choose from. In the busy season though, finding a room that's available can be a bit of a challenge. To get the best rates on Peabody Hotel rooms, check out some of the online booking providers listed below. They have access to rooms before they hit the market so you can reserve yours right away. Compare prices to see what kind of deals you can get.